telfea, oh telfea

Posted: January 11, 2016 in kathleen winter
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I’m livid at Lost Cockatiel
Telfea’s poster pink
If I admitted what I feel
you’d send me to a shrink

We’re on our way to Harris Court
me and my skeleton key
to sneak up while Telfea’s out
and set sweet Sugar free

Pet shops, zoos and carnivals,
cages and enclosures,
amphibian emporiums,
Stop it, sickening losers!

I’ll stretch out wide Telfea’s cage
and lock dumb humans in it,
leave the plains to the elephants,
sky to lark and linnet!

Cut the range of human song
Bind our ten-toed stride
and let the animals thread the earth
by flock, by school, by pride

Telfea, oh Telfea
I don’t mean to blame you only
It’s not your fault all human blight
Has made poor Sugar lonely


Kathleen Winter’s  novel Annabel was a #1 bestseller in Canada and has been translated worldwide. Her story collection boYs edited by John Metcalf won numerous awards. Her Arctic memoir Boundless (2014) was shortlisted for Canada’s Weston and Taylor non fiction prizes and has been sold internationally. The Freedom in American Songs (Stories, Biblioasis) also came out in 2014. Born in the UK, Winter lives in Montreal after many years in Newfoundland.


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  1. Telfea says:

    Sugar is no longer lonely, you see,
    My posters brought Spice back,
    Back to Sugar and me.

    He was so happy to see his mommy
    he started dancing and singing for me
    This was his delight as well as mine
    My birds arent caged you see

    For he chooses what he decides to do
    Like singing to and dancing for the loves of his life
    Twice a day to me, His mommy and Sugar, his wife

    He tells us he loves us and gives us kisses and snuggles up to boot
    What a wonderful poem to stumble upon, I thought I took them all down, and a truly novel idea treating littler as literature loot!

    I am happy that Spice and Sugar’s plight inspired you
    He was gone a whole 7 days
    He came home with no flight feathers left
    You see for him, it was a terrifying maze

    He is very happy to be here, I know it in my heart
    and he is my blessing too
    I am happy to leave my thread as well to give my thanks to you 🙂

    Thank you for being inspired
    And picking up my litter too
    Sugar and Spice send their love
    Back together because of loving people like you!

    Telfea, Sugar & Spice


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