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bennett, rox

Each letter a promise and the careful

hyphen an audition for responsible

possibilities. Was it for work or love

she scored Jodie-Ann into the blue?


Worn edges thumbed in a warm pocket,

then excavated and discarded.

Jodie-Ann a password, key, clue

to infinite futures shuffled underfoot.


Lost gift, Jodie-Ann, who could have

walked your dog, babysat your child,

drove you to Vancouver for your share

of the gas. You won’t know what it


could have been, careless with her

might-have-beens, whether Jodie-Ann

kissed softly or with teeth. Nine characters

to say it is hope you so casually abandon.



Roxanna Bennett is the author of The Uncertainty Principle (Tightrope Books, 2014) and has written for numerous publications including The National Post, xoJane, Bitch Magazine, Gender Focus and Boxx Magazine. Her poetry has appeared in The Puritan, Cosmonauts Avenue, CV2, Slice Literary Magazine, and many other publications in North America and the U.K. She was a finalist in Broken Pencil’s Indie Writer’s Deathmatch 2015.

She can be found at:  or twitter @roxannabennett



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