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You are doubly offensive, first
for parking your damn Subaru
without a permit in a zone
for persons with disabilities,
too lazy to walk, too self-absorbed,
distracted by #fuckedup, forgot
what that painted blue wheelchair
stands for. Second violation,
ripping up the ticket, throwing it
on the ground, blatantly
littering. Yes,

that was me, badge #3082 Ontario Power,
authority to tell your line manager and to make you
pay for general vehicle infractions, waste,
and stupidity.


Lee Ellen Pottie  is a writer, photographer, painter, teacher/mentor, student, marketing coordinator, and editor for all word-related projects. She is working on a poetry manuscript about Vincent Van Gogh, his letters, paintings, and life. She and her partner, Richard Lemm, live in “Annie’s House” where they write, garden, walk their collie, Théo, and babysit the grandchildren.




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