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davis, tanya

It’s hardly garbage
the clutter of scars of hearts hardened
detritus’s presence a new garden
to stutter and start in

from darkened margins
luck beckons
here, listen

we lean in
we are cynics but believe we could be different
on our knees, our ears to leaves,
we are here for visions
or chances
to change

wisdom whispers, knows our ache
knows features of fervour
(seek further, where green grows down
and brown goes grey)

it asks us to a masquerade
let’s dress like love
the bloom, the fade.

Tanya Davis is a writer and performer based in Epekwitk / Prince Edward Island. She works across disciplines, creating poetry, music, and stage shows and collaborates frequently with other artists, including filmmaker Andrea Dorfman on the recent animated short How to be at Home.

NEW! How to be at Home videopoem
How to be Alone Videopoem


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