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chees poulet spring rollet
dip in2 th pita serious all
th diana huntress maximum
word felt grips sooths n gives
such solace 2 th tomatos n
greens  cum  on ovr n feel th
krinkuld nouns n memoree
care 2 identify aftr onlee 1 look

sew manee adjektivs ar
faltring losing out on
th baseball games n
drowning in th demonstrativs
oftn unmodified n alwayze
ensoucient all trembuls
red eye balls crawling
in th sink

wer they tempestuous n
draftee the vinagret
smile thru the billyard
taybul wuns upon a
pronoun digging

deeplee in2 th
mise en scene ium a
lettralist not a literalist


bill bissett
originalee from lunaria still v
puzzuld by erthling wayze love
dewing sound n vizual poetree
most recent book hungree throat
from talonbooks n most recent cd nothing will hurt with pete dako

He can be found at