the band-aid haikus

Posted: December 3, 2015 in angie abdou
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Guaranteed unless
wrapper damaged or open
Medicare Bandage

Is that real litter?
Think about picking it up.
Put it in the trash.

Some child skinned a knee
a bike or skateboard wavered
But why hurt others?

One dirty bandage
will not fix the injury
of sad Mother Earth.

Angie Abdou is a novelist with four books to her credit. The most recent is Between (Arsenal 2014). She teaches Creative Writing at Athabasca University.

Note: ‘The Band-Aid Haikus’ were written by Angie’s children, Ollie (8) and Katie (6)

(This was so interesting to do with little kids. They were genuinely perplexed —“Is that real litter! Why would someone do that?” They came up with the lines—other than the first, which came from the package—and we worked together to count out the syllables and make them fit. ~ Angie Abdou)


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