on the shoulders of giants

Posted: September 27, 2015 in karen shenfeld
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Good citizen, I sort the trash:
melon rinds, here;
The Sunday Times, vacant
Cheerio boxes, bottles, cans, there.

From Shakespeare’s Hamlet,
Stoppard lifted his confounded courtiers.
The Bard pillaged Saxo,

Spin Procol Harum, you’ll sample Bach.

The mashup maestro counsels,
“Take, mutilate.”

“If I have stood…”

Go ahead—
Steal these words, layer the melody,
release the beat!

“Shoulders of Giants: The Dance Remix?”
Why the fuck not?

Tomorrow, I’ll wrap a potato in
a rocket’s fallen scraps.

Karen Shenfeld  is the Toronto Heliconian Club’s 2015 Writer in Residence. She has three books of poetry published by Guernica Editions: The Law of Return (which won the 2001 Canadian Jewish Book Award), The Fertile Crescentand My Father’s Hands Spoke in Yiddish. Her poetry has also been published in numerous national and international poetry journals. Along with being a poet, Karen is a widely published magazine journalist, editor, and filmmaker. Her indie documentary, Il Giardino, The Gardens of Little Italy, screened at several film festivals, including Planet in Focus. She is currently working on her fourth book of poetry, two documentary films, and a screenplay for a feature, which has been optioned by Canadian director Bruce McDonald.


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